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Our mission is simple: to create quality organic skin care products, designed to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle. Through this commitment, our goal is to actively contribute to the health of all and of our planet. We understand the impact that our products can have on society and we want to contribute to a positive change and foster an economy centered on the collective interest and the long term.
Nathalie Morin Fondatrice

Photo of the founder, Nathalie Morin

I founded Mariposa Biocosmétiques in 2015 with the first 2-in-1 hand sanitizer made with an organic soothing cream. Why ? My family needed to disinfect their hands repeatedly to protect the little newcomer of the family who had serious health problems. I wanted to find a truly hydrating, healthy and effective solution without compromising on the quality of the ingredients. I knew this solution would help not only my family, but everyone else.
Mariposa was born the day I asked myself two questions: 
Why are hand sanitizers so hard on the skin? And what exactly do we put on our bodies? 
As a manufacturer, I cannot help but feel that it is our duty to provide healthy and sustainable solutions to our consumers. After all, we develop the products and choose their composition and packaging. Therefore, we only select raw materials that respect our body and the environment.
We also choose to eliminate unnecessary plastic by offering zero waste options as well as refills that reduce single-use packaging. You may have already heard that the amount of plastic in our oceans will soon exceed the amount of fishes and that each of us ingests the equivalent of a credit card in micro plastic particles every week.
With our packaging flexibility, everyone can therefore choose the type of product that suits them and do their part for the planet while respecting their own values ​​as well as their pace in this process of adaptation to responsible consumption.
Thank you for your confidence in our products and our mission. Thanks to you, we have the privilege of helping to change our culture of disposable goods, focused on convenience, and instead fostering a vision of health and sustainability. This collective awakening that is slowly taking place gives me confidence in the future of our planet, and we are certainly continuing our efforts to offer you sustainable solutions in order to generate a concrete and positive impact!
MARIPOSA, a meaningful choice, a butterfly effect.
Nathalie Morin
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