Soya Candles 4 oz.

Soya Candles 4 oz.

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Our candles are made with 100% natural wax from non-GMO soybeans blended with essential oils or vegan fragrances to create a sustainable product. The wick is made of premium cotton and the approximate burn time is 25 hours (4 oz).

In addition, our decorative containers have been designed to be reused long after the candle has disappeared. When finished, give them new life as a home decoration (mini plants) or pencil holder for the office since soy wax cleans very well with hot soapy water. The options are endless!

 Our options: 

By the seaside: Immerse yourself in this splendid aquatic aroma that reminds us of the saline winds by the sea and our feet in the warm sand. 

Lilac: Awaken all your senses with the bewitching scent of lilac blossom reminiscent of a freshly cut bouquet. 

Cucumber + White tea: Enrich your space with this sweet blend combining the freshness of cucumber with the soothing atmosphere of white tea. 

Pineapple + Sage: Comforting notes that remind us of the warm tropical breeze and the holidays that stretch forever. 

Bamboo + Grapefruit: A subtle blend of greenery and citrus that leaves the house smelling clean and fresh. 

Forest: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to the scent of essential oils of balsam fir (respiratory purifier), Himalayan cedar (soothe and calm) and Scots pine (invigorate the body and stimulate the mind) . Immerse yourself in the vastness of our Canadian forests and connect to the land to recharge your batteries. 

FIRST USE ADVICE: When you light your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt to the outer edges of the container before extinguishing it, a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. Why? Because soy wax has a good memory! If your candle is extinguished before allowing a full pool of melted wax around the entire diameter of the pot, future uses will not exceed the diameter reached the first time around. This uniform first combustion avoids creating a chimney in the candle and allows you to fully enjoy your candle and relax until the last hour.

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